The life of having parents with different nationalities

In the background page, I have introduce myself as having an Asian and Italian origin due to my parents coming from two nations. I want to share my experiences that allowed me to be who I am today. When my parents have married together they settled here in Italy as my father is working here. My parents met each other here in Italy as my mother came here for work. I am not the only child who was born with parents of different nationalities but we are no that many also in our town. It can be counted.

Being a child of two nationalities have given me different experiences like going to the Asian country, the hometown of my mother and spend vacation time there. It is a good way to explore the culture and tradition my mother has learned and kept her whole life before she settled permanently in Italy and learned to practice Italian culture and traditions. I can freely travel to the different tourist’s destinations while having a vacation and come back to Italy feeling refreshed and ready for the next school year.

At first, I have challenges knowing the culture of my mother but as she guided me, I have come to understand it. Even though I stay here in Italy, I continue to have a vacation there and have good communication with my relatives. Sometimes, we come to think how should we make our small business into popularity. Maybe one day we can also perform our crafts in online marketing service, a fantastic read here www.keywordseo.com.tw. My uncle that runs a coffee shop always learn how to be successful in engaging his business in digital marketing world.