Singer-songwriter versus staff songwriters

Songs are surely written by songwriters. These songwriters are divided into two. One is the songwriter that is not hired by someone to write a song and the staff songwriters are the one who writes a song also but under a contract. Songwriters are usually singers and they perform their own composed song. In the industry, there are many who are talented to be a singer and also a songwriter like Taylor Swift. She writes her own lyrics of the songs and then perform it herself.

Staff songwriters are a bit different as they have to comply to their contract. One example is a staff songwriter is required to submit a specified number of songs.  They need to submit that within one year and they can also write a song with another staff songwriter. If they write together then it will be counted as half so they need to write more songs to cope with the quota. Staff songwriters have to please their employers so that they can be renewed continually for about five years like this industry click 祥發. After completing the five years, they can look for another employer.

one difference also is staff songwriters does not receive a monthly salary but they just received some amount from the employer for their daily needs. When a song became a hit and royalty is good, that is the time that they can receive some earnings after employers expenses are repaid together with the amount previously received. It is not easy like a high-speed race if it’s not designed for it.