NEARfest, The Version of Cut

The NEARfest is, along with the Mexican Baja Prog, the most ‘great manifestation of progressive rock the world. It is held every year in Bethelhem, a friendly country of Pensilvanya last hour and a half starda from New York.
On stage they played the most ‘important bands in the world and in limitofi spaces may be encountered Gentle Giant musicians, painters of Genesis covers and experts from around the world

This year the cast included the presence of Hawkind, Magma, magenta and … Wax Mask ….. the 1,500 tickets were you from exhaustion time
This is a collateral witness. The version of Corvaglia goes straight to puinto; clean and precise as an agent of taxes.
My would be more “custom”. I hope you enjoy.

Eve and departure

If you want to go to the United States without requiring a visa at the embassy in Rome you have to have the Electronic Passport. This involves a question of competence to the police, an average wait of 40 days and a cost of around 90 Euros.
After that you can ‘access to the Visa Review program, which entitles you to stay in the US up to 90 days for tourism and pleasure. Remember that from the bench ceck-in Malpensa is the Italian police that the American prrendono very seriously the concept of security. So no lighters, no scissors, no cans … nientre that can be remotely used to make trouble.
Mindful of past experience in which you traveled with the same nonchalance with which they went up on the train all of this is a bit ‘impression. However the shipping operations have not presented difficulties.
The big sheaf is having to get up at 4 in the morning, starting from Genoa to 5 to be at the airport in Milan (Milan that name only because it takes an hour by car from Piazza Duomo …) at least two hours before departure.
So we found ourselves at 7 sleepy and excited at the start.

Of My Flight

To some of us it is the third time that vallichiamo the ocean. You can immediately see that only 10 years ago gave headphones for tv and beveraggi free spirits. Today you have to pay everything. Only lunch is free. But the food quality has deteriorated greatly. In return, the flight was uneventful and without aproblemi. Last note: the films that give the plane are shortened versions of the ones you see at the theaters equipment. The dubbing in Italian, if any, seems to be made by members of the crew after drinking ….

The bench mutual-aid

We approach a bit ‘timid at passport control and baggage. We had heard of inflexible customs officers, policemen legendary color rummaging in the backpacks looking for cd and dvd …… and instead everything wonderfully. Friendly staff who speak good English without special accents. Even one of them inquiring about what kind of musiaca do and begins to discuss Genesis ….
In the meantime, we take impressions of middle fingers left and right (it is said fingers in case you want the same finger of both hands. ..) and a beautiful digital photos.
In just a few minutes and we are in America. Where everything is more ‘big.