Jet Lag and Other Stories


Jet Lag and other stories

to exit from Fladelfia can ‘help the experience of a trapper in the Great Lakes. The traffic is very reminiscent of that of our house. Only less disiplinato and with more ‘vehicles. Fortunately, our driver is very nice and in an hour and a half, after having spoken of the beauty of the landscape, we deposited in the hotel.
Do not forget that we have 6 hours difference to assimilate. Here are the 16 o’clock and our bodies live to 22.00
To improve the thing forward to corrispode dinner at about 2 am. But by real travelers we do not formalize. We eat as par our raw steaks and drink as usual. A night’s sleep and in the morning we are perfectly integrated into the landscape.

The banquet

La Maschera di Cera when eating is not sparing anyone. If then there is a base of sausages, eggs, bacon breakfast buffet, cakes, jams, yogurt, fruit, orange juice and coffee, ….. free … well … you can only imagine.
At nine o’clock local time a full lunch.
In four days we were able to incorporate many calories for the rest of the year. I have not tasted anything that was not more ‘fat, more’ big, more ‘sweet and more’ all of what is in Italian.
I have not seen a salad that had not at least one component of animal origin: salad with pieces of chicken, turkey, beef, bisonte..credo that poor Monetti, our vegetarian flutist, has been seen graze on the grass of the park hotel …
of course none of us wants to pass for a lady, and then lunch, dinner and drinks are honored as befits. We lived a month, we would die there.

Friends will be friends

The event organization is meticulous. The theater is very modern. a wide descending stalls and a raised gallery permenttono a perfect acoustics.
Security is efficient and responsive; no par pass nenache you do not go to the bathroom. All staff are miked them and even cleaners are networked. However, it is a decent job that almost remains in the background.
Then there are the guys who organized everything: if I had to thank them one by one would deal means computer. Precisely just that without their commitment, their kindness and their understanding for nostre..stranezze … all this would not be possible.
Do not we never forget and will always remain in our hearts, If we had the van with the manual gearbox rather than automatically would be perfect. But you can not ‘have it all, right?

Live in the US

A few words about the concert: Crazy! Just look at the audience for capirtlo. Corvaglia sang with fiery words and the whole theater was listening enraptured.
Most of the spectators moved his mouth as if he knew the texts (in Italian) from memory ..
After a premise so long it seems obvious to point out that the technical part (tools, lighting technicians, sound engineers, roadies, catering) fell short . If the concert went to the great need to thank them for their commitment and professionalism.

It’s party !!

It’s not every day that you see 100 people lined up to get an autograph from the wax mask. It ‘happened too. And after the final party with musicians, crew, drivers, policemen. A large mental hospital where they speak a hybrid language between Italian, English, French and Ortona dialect.
A night of revelry in which exchanging pats on the back, drinking cold beer (better in the bottle; that is really on tap water) and shoot shit.
But then comes the dawn. It ‘time to return home. After the splendor of america it lands again in Milan. It’s hot. Our faithful, bearded driver, Isaiah, is ready with the minibus. We’re back.
Or, as Sam said in The Dark shelters, “I’m back”