Italy and its tradition of formal clothing

Italy has a rich content of history. It is evidence by the structures, buildings and architecture that was left in the country. Italy is a nation that has its own identity. It is the place where Christianity has taken its root and it seems that it will stay the same until the end. Italians are very proud that they belong to the mother church that was founded long ago and was ruled by popes until now. Italians have their own sense of fashion that they strictly follow.

It is the same attitude that they have in holding on to their religion. The good thing about their fashion is that they can be presentable at any moment. You cannot see one that can just dress like an anime character wearing slippers. Italian are more formal especially if you are going to a dinner or other occasions. They have their own set of clothing that corresponds to the event but they mostly suit and slacks for men and dress for women.It is noteworthy that Italians has the ability to elegantly dress even if they will just run an errand.

When you will visit our place you can see with your own eyes how we do our clothing here. Many international and famous brand of clothing, bags and accessories comes from here. If you say it is made in Italy, there is already a notion that it has good quality like the 冷氣保養 that was built by an Asian company.