Day 2 Through Day 4: The Great Show

Day 2

The next day flowing normally, between those who try (to no avail, alas) of planning and a quick stop in Philadelphia or do some ‘shopping (at the end of friends, relatives and other well remain without cards …) and who It intends to head to the site of the rally; in the end the whole band decides to point towards the theater where stazioniamo until lunchtime, after which mild nap and again on stage to open the merchandising desk … just in time for the start of the show of Magenta, prelude the exhibition of the headliners of the day, Hawkwind historians.From the first notes we remain impressed by the acoustics of the hall and the formidable work of the technicians that make the powerful and enveloping sound, yet clean and leading lights to form evocative melodies flowing robes (always by less than the beers, er …. ). Among other things, spreading the news that our American friend Leonardo Pavkovic has a gem in Serbia, which will be used to procure strong cardiac acceleration by trepidation … wants to introduce two of his closest friends at the Festival: these Gary Green and Malcolm Mortimer, respectively old guitarist and original drummer of GENTLE GIANT !!!!

While Andrea decides to stay for Hawkwind, others go in search of food and return to the hotel where a meeting takes place every night (that tomorrow will take over a real party) character among all the “Nearfestini”, staff , organizers, bands, friends and various collaborators … and it is in this Saturday night that they met: Gary Green is in front of me and at the first handshake is complete harmony and tachycardia signed. Gary is an extraordinary person, with all the members of the group for the many opportunities for dialogue from then on will prove to be playful, helpful and generous (offering drink to us gets caught there ready …). Shortly thereafter it Malcolm Mortimer, more reserved but still pleasant.

According to an internal referendum to the band (not quite know how to place) the undersigned is catapulted to the counter of the Radio Gagliarchives (the issuer that has seen us earlier this year at the top of their rankings in audience for well 12 consecutive weeks !!) where enthusiastic about the live program host held her little interview before programming “Orpheus”.

Day 3

A few hours of sleep (few! …) And we are in the great day. The bus takes us to the theater where we sit in the dressing room waiting for the soundcheck, which starts at 12 am sharp. And already in the backstage station Augustine causes the same effect of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Faces enchanted to gaze 400SM Mellotron, Hammond B3, Moog Voyager and other analog goodies … basically we will be the only group to use vintage equipment, many in the audience have Nasato or knew about it and you put the towel around his neck as a face a table spread, ready all’abbuffata. Some problems in keyboards mixer causes about ten minutes late but the organization is more effective than medical team, soundcheck rushing and everyone down in the dressing room for make-up, clothes and urlacci propitiatory.

The last notes of Carmina Burana herald the beginning of the ladder. “Double Image” makes its entrance, powerful and incisive, warms souls and muscles; up to the next song, “New Light”, the public wants to be conquered and grants only sound applause, but at the end of “Orpheus” literally bursts. From here on it is a relentless triumph: “A sense of the impossible”, “The consumption” (includine rockettarissima a presentation of the band’s rhythm …), “plan” and “Encyclical 1168 / The Wax Mask (closing section)” are as earthquakes progressing well and on a three-minute standing ovation record greetings that ALL the audience pays us with generous enthusiasm.

Race down to the dressing rooms for a rapid and equally refreshed to head towards the autograph room where the bands have available a table in front of which flow fans in search of signatures or eager to compliment each other. And there are many. We do not believe either of us. All to idolize the Italian sound, which makes us proud of our stylistic choices. Maurizio even managed to meet one of his neighbor who despite living there for a lifetime also can starve a few words in Abruzzese dialect! It ‘s really general enthusiasm!
Rumor among insiders that many consider it “the best band of the festival.” In the afternoon, during breaks between a show and another, several of us wander in the corridors, halls merchandising and outside of the theater and at every ‘driven is a unique and unanimous comment. “Great Show! Great show, guys! … “To the point that this phrase has become the catchphrase of the whole trip, and – dutifully – the title of this report.

We stay just long enough for the performance of Magma (headliners of the last evening) and the way to the hotel where there will be a mega-final party of the event. Here we will meet all friends (Ray, Chad, Rob, Leonardo, Kevin, Gary, Malcolm, to name a few), beer galore and a great desire to rattling off the casinosa effervescence that we carry still inside; which is then manifested in a session between various musicians in another hotel lobby that sees before Augustine and then me struggling with the guitar in order to push a multitude of singers to sing the classics of rock, from Floyd to Marillion, Peter Gabriel in I can not remember who …. In a few hours it will be over and it will only nostalgia, so we might as well get down, get down and nasty !!

Day 4

The morning of departure greets us with a gray sky and a bit ‘of rain. Begin the greetings, begins the Magone. On the bus that takes us at the airport in Philly there is no more of going climate. And in the terminal, just enough time to eat and look for some souvenirs to take to their loved ones.
We arrive at Malpensa at 6:35 in the morning (I no longer use the a.m., We are in Italy, no?: …) And Isaiah is ready to take us home. Physically we are there. The head is definitely somewhere else. The head is still checking whether the guitar is tuned or if the stamp of moog is the right one, if the location of toms is valid, if you hear the flute in monitors or if low distortion is excessive … the heart needs to live again certain flavors because who knows when to warn them happen again.

This was NEARfest. This was the adventure of Wax Mask. To those who will in the future undoubtedly say “savor every second, because every second has a special flavor.”

Thanks to all those who have this experience colored with indelible colors of happiness.

Anyway, whatever ports in the future, it was really a “GREAT SHOW!”